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Wild mushrooms


After the picking, fresh mushrooms are sorted into categories and packed in to ecologically clean 3 kg wooden boxes, 1 kg our 0.5 kg baskets or accordind to the costumers demands

We produce and provide fresh, frozen, dried and brined mushrooms 

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Chanterelles ( L. Cantharellus cibarius) Print E-mail


Fresh chanterelles                                                                             Frozen chanterelles

Brined chanterelles                                                                            Dried chantarelles

Ceps ( L. Boletus edulis) Print E-mail


Fresh ceps                                                                                         Frozen ceps

Brined ceps                                                                                       Dried ceps

Bay boletus (L. Boletus badius) Print E-mail


Fresh bay boletus                                                                            Frozen bay boletus

Brined bay boletus                                                                          Dried bay boletus

Results 1 - 3 of 3