COMPLETE KIT "I grow in town" bokashi

All the accessories to create a recycling loop and grow in town!
Capacity: 20 L + 2L of liquid fertilizer reserve

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KIT including:

1 Ecovi® kitchen composter with black lid to produce your liquid fertilizer

+ 1 Activator 1kg

+ 1 STOCK' compost storage bag for compost to make your compost.

+ SACA'Strawberry Set of 3 cultivation bags for Strawberry trees

+ 1 x 75L SMART'POT to grow your vegetables


To download the Ecovi Kitchen Composter User Guide: Click here

Ecovi® composters are revolutionary: compact, earthworm-free and odourless because they are completely hermetic. They benefit from the action of natural probiotic microorganisms that accelerate the decomposition of waste. No need to wait 8 months to obtain compost outdoors, it only takes a few days for the Ecovi® composter to produce a liquid organic fertilizer and a few weeks to obtain a compost very rich in plant nutrients.

Kitchen composter equipped with a tap, a filter, a compressor, a cup. Sold with 1kg of Ecovi®* activator.
To buy more activator click here.

Capacity: 20 L + 2L of liquid fertilizer reserve

*Presence of wheat bran in the activator


1 Place your organic waste in the composter. The more they are cut into small pieces, the better the compost will be!

2 Cover each waste disposal site with Ecovi® activator, mix, press and close the lid.

3 Open the tap and collect a bottom of liquid fertilizer in a cup. Complete with water and water your plants. Repeat this operation every 2 to 3 days to empty the fertilizer supply.

4 Repeat the first steps until the Ecovi® composter is completely filled. After about 1 month you will obtain a digestate ready to be mixed with soil to make your soil. We recommend that you use the stock'compost bag to empty your composter and turn your compost into soil.

General information about the composting bioprocess:

Digestion in the kitchen composter is a process of decomposition of rottable (putrescible) materials by bacteria that act in the absence of air. This decomposition process is called "anaerobic fermentation".

The principle is as follows: organic waste is stored in a cylindrical and hermetic tank called a "digester" or "kitchen composter" in which it is subjected to the action of microorganisms (bacteria) selected by us. The biological reactions involved in this process are complex, but overall there are three main stages:

    hydrolysis and acidogenesis: complex organic chains (proteins, lipids, polysaccharides) are transformed into simpler compounds (fatty acids, peptides, amino acids);
    acetogenesis: the products of acidogenesis are converted into acetic acid;
    methanogenesis: acetic acid is transformed into methane and carbon dioxide.

Once digested, the residual material (digestate or compost) is stored or can be mixed with soil in the Stock'compost

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COMPLETE KIT "I grow in town" bokashi
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