MIDTOWN 190L Ecovi® Rotary Deck Composter

Rotating it allows you to compost above ground on a terrace or balcony.

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Rotary Composter - allows you to compost above ground on a terrace or balcony. Its axis of rotation makes it easy to mix compost. This mixture promotes the good distribution of microorganisms in all compost and allows the introduction of oxygen. This causes an excellent rise in temperature for a quick result - mounted on wheels it is easy to move.

    Size: 99.5 x 79 x 79 x 90 cm
    Equipped with wheels
    Equipped with a handle
    Can be used to empty your kitchen composter
    Tank made of recycled plastic (industrial plastic scraps)

Step 1:
Place your MIDTOWN® composter in a shaded area.

Step 2 :
Charge your MIDTOWN® composter with nitrogen-rich green materials,
such as fresh leaves, grass clippings and vegetable peels.
You can regularly empty your Ecovi® kitchen composter or Ecovi® Waste Bioseau into it.
Step 3:
Add brown materials rich in carbon, used soil, such as dry leaves,
small twigs, straw, coffee grounds, shredded paper,
dead plants, wood chips and sawdust (in small quantities), fireplace ash (in limited quantities), coffee filters.

Step 4 :
Add the old earth from your pots and planters. This soil allows bacteria to be added to the soil
that help to start the decomposition process.  It is also used to bring brown material.
Step 5 :
Close the MIDTOWN® composter and rotate it
5 to 6 times to mix the materials well.
Step 6 :
Make sure that the compost is never too wet. For example, if you take compost in your hands
and liquid starts to drip, then your compost is too wet, you have to add brown dry matter,
as indicated in steps 3 and 4. On the other hand, if your compost is too dry, you should introduce one or two glasses of water to moisten it.
Step 8 :
Turn the MIDTOWN® composter drum daily each time you introduce new waste,
to aerate organic matter and accelerate the decomposition process.

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MIDTOWN 190L Ecovi® Rotary Deck Composter
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