Step 3: take out the fertilizer!

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Open the tap every 3 days to get some concentrated liquid fertilizer. This fertilizer is very rich in nitrogen (ammonia), an essential element for plant growth. It also contains a large quantity of microorganisms useful for reuse of the soil.

It is essential to dilute this fertilizer before watering your plants. Use the cup provided to collect a liquid fertilizer base, and complete this base with water. You can now use this liquid for different applications.

  •     Water and feed your plants
  •     Re-balance the water in an outdoor fish pond, a cup every month, the microorganisms will destroy the nitrites present in your pond (do not introduce into an aquarium)
  •     Throw it in the toilet pipes and the microorganisms will clean the organic remains stuck to the wall.

You can pour the fertilizer and fertilizer directly into the water supply of our Hydroponics KIT.




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