Step 4: What to do with the compost?

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In the case of your Ecovi kitchen composter, what you get is the result of decomposing organic matter through an anaerobic (without oxygen) process. The compost you obtain is more precisely a digestate that has retained all its energy value. It is a fermented substance in which you can still see the whole pieces, the subtance is from beige to brown. This digestate consists of a concentrate of nutrients for plants. To use it, the digestate must be mixed with used soil in the Stock'Compost  or Midtown Composter. 2012-05-29_19.38.44.jpg

There are different ways to use your compost:

  •     Mix it with soil in the following proportions: 2/3 soil and 1/3 compost, and wait 1 to 2 weeks to introduce the mixture into your pots and planters. We recommend that you use the Stock'compost, it will allow you to make compost in the city
  •     Place it directly in a hole near the shrubs you want to feed.
  •     Incorporate it into your outdoor composter to accelerate decomposition.
  •     You can spread it in your vegetable garden this will improve soil fertility.


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