Vegetable garden SMART POT 380 L


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They are ideal for:

    Roofs and terraces
    Tutoring (individuals, schools, daycare centres, companies)
    Parking lots
    Green alleys
    Aboveground community gardens

Also perfect for a vegetable garden, fruit trees and small red fruits.

Smart Pots technology is both simple and very ingenious. It lies in the porosity of the material, a thick geotextile that ensures optimal development of the roots and therefore of the plants. In concrete terms, Smart Pots allow excellent root development because:

    The fabric allows the aeration of the soil and root system, one of the basic principles of gardening
    Aeration avoids the spiralization of roots observed in conventional pots, which hinders good plant growth.
    In the Smart Pot, when a root reaches the tissue wall, its growth stops and the plant develops new roots. The result: a dense root system rather than a few large spiral roots along the walls.
    Air circulation prevents the overheating observed in conventional pots on hot days, which is harmful to roots and microorganisms.

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Vegetable garden SMART POT 380 L
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